Management and Sustainable Development Journal (MSDJ), registered as ISSN : 2684-6802 (Print) and ISSN : 2657-2036 (Online), is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (April and November) by the Management Departement Program of the Institut Shanti Bhuana (ISB). The purpose of the MSDJ is to publish an article in the journal focusing on research findings in economics, management, accounting, entrepreneurship and Information Technology System.

MSDJ invites texts on a range of issues, including Economics, such as: Monetary Economics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics, Digital Economy, International Economy, Inclusive Economy, Green Economy, Local Economic Growth and Sustainable Development Economics. Management aspects such as marketing management, finance management, strategic management, corporate management, human resource management, e-business, knowledge management, management accounting, management control systems, management information systems, multinational business, business economics, business ethics and sustainability. Common areas in research Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology Systems. All diverse areas of research are required to be collaboratively integrated and synergistic in leading to the advancement of sustainable development in the theoretical/scientific and practical fields.

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