Pengaruh Literasi Keuangan Terhadap Keputusan Investasi Pasar Modal (Studi Kasus Mahasiswa di Kota Palembang)

  • Endah Dewi Purnamasari Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
Keywords: Financial literacy, Investment Decision


Investment is an investment activity that generates a reasonable rate of return now and in the future. Before carrying out investment activities, an appropriate decision will always be followed because, in this case, it will be closely related to the investment itself in the future. However, most people must understand how to invest so they are not deceived. Therefore financial literacy can help avoid mistakes and know risks and finance-related matters. This study aims to determine the effect of financial literacy on investment decisions—a quantitative method with a questionnaire used in this study. The population is the final-year students who have a regular monthly income. Purposive sampling is a sampling method with a total sample of 36 respondents. Data analysis techniques by conducting instrument tests, classical assumption tests, and simple linear regression tests in the SPSS 22 application. The analysis results show a significance value of 0.000 <0.005, so the output can conclude that financial literacy has an influence/influence on investment decisions, which offers higher literacy knowledge in finance and makes it easier for someone to invest.


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