Implementation and Analysis of the Hierarchical Token Bucket Method in Network Bandwidth Management (Case Study: Rectorate Network of the Shanti Bhuana Institute)

  • Azriel Christian Nurcahyo Institut Shanti Bhuana
  • Listra Firgia Institut Shanti Bhuana
  • Yulianto Mustaqim Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta
Keywords: bandwidth, hierchical token bucket, network


Towards the preparation of the online visitation, the addition of the Information Technology S1 study program and the Shanti Bhuana Elementary School Teacher Education study program in August 2020, of course, an overhaul is needed in terms of internet network infrastructure, especially bandwidth and managerial. Since 2016-2019 the main rectorate building network is still implementing routing and login hot spot networks using a bandwidth of 10 Mbps divided among 50 users simultaneously with a simple queuing technique. In 2020 a network overhaul was carried out by researchers using 100 Mbps bandwidth on the main network, 20 Mbps backup networks, and 5 Mbps public networks with the application of the Hierarchical Token Bucket method. The result of an even distribution of bandwidth with an average usage per week of 95.35% of the total throughput of 100%, delay from 177.9 ms to 69.48 ms, packet loss from 22.67% to 1.67% and jitter from 189.4 ms to 14,768 ms. With HTB networks being distributed according to priority so that until today the network overhaul by researchers is still being used with the backbone divided into two public lines RB 1100 AHx4 and administrative lines RB 450G.


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